BaaS – why is it a good option for your business?

Just a few years ago, people had to go to a bank, talk to a person, and wait days, or even weeks, for a hopefully positive response. Today, most businesses are shifting towards the digital environment, and customers can access their favourite stores in a matter of clicks.

Thanks to Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), businesses can integrate features such as international payment, card issuing, and banking directly into the customer journey, for better engagement, retention, and satisfaction. As financial services become more fine-tuned to reflect the needs of consumers, the BaaS business model could be your business opportunity to grow and prosper ahead of competition.

What is Banking-as-a-Service?

Banking as a Service (BaaS) describes a model in which licensed institutions integrate their digital banking services directly into the products of other non-bank businesses.

The best way to understand this model is by using an example. Imagine that you are the CEO of a growing gaming company amid growing competition. You understand that every customer is important and you wish to improve the customer experience and ultimately gain the customers’ loyalty. The fierce competition has left you searching for different, unique solutions. One solution could be custom virtual cards for customers to spend money and allow them to engage more with your brand. 

There are dozens of opportunities when it comes to offering something unique to your customers. Ultimately, you reach the goal of outcompeting your competition, but you also increase the customer relationship, as you are offering more personal services.

Benefits of BaaS

●  You don’t need a licence

Understandably, offering banking services to your customers requires a banking licence. Obtaining a licence from your local government can be a lengthy and costly process. Moreover, once you get the license, you are required to be compliant with many regulations to prevent money laundering and tax evasion.

This is where BaaS steps in. With BaaS, you can offer the desired banking services to your customers without the need for a banking license because the services are provided by a licensed institution. The integration allows the end-users to access the customers’ websites for banking services while the customer only acts as an intermediary.

●  Convenience

Of course, without requiring a banking licence, you do not have to be burdened by any of the regulatory requirements such as AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer). Simply focus on providing the best customer service on your interface, while the compliance duties are handled by the banking institution.

●  Stay up-to-date

The BaaS model is only the starting point for obtaining digital banking services. Depending on the BaaS partner, you can expand your service offering as new services and technology are introduced. For example, the newest trend is access to cryptocurrency payments. Now, when many licensed institutions have obtained such a service, it is easily available for you to offer to your customers as you are already integrated with the partners API system. The easy access allows you to stay ahead of the competition and improve the customer experience.

●  Increased revenues

Depending on the banking services that you offer, with the help of BaaS you can increase your revenues quite significantly. For example, imagine you as the CEO of the cruise ship company offering buy now, pay later. This allows customers to purchase the ticket and pay for it at a later date. Such a service can increase the number of people booking your cruise trip and increase your revenues in the short term.

Why is it the right option for your business?

BaaS solutions can be a great possibility for your company to grow without scaling complexity. With the opportunity to do business globally, thanks to the digital environment, customer acquisition and retention is more important than ever. The BaaS model not only gives you the possibility to offer a wider range of services but also helps to increase your customer engagement, brand recognition, and loyalty.

When considering a switch to the BaaS model, make sure to research the issues of customers and come up with a development plan — a thought-out solution can make all the difference in successful implementation.

PayPugs solution

With a focus on the growing market demand, PayPugs has developed a ready-made BaaS solution that allows for providing e-wallet services through an API connection. This solution is widely used by industries such as forex brokers, payment service providers and gaming companies to serve their end users by providing international payments, IBAN accounts, cards and even access to cryptocurrency.

By integrating PayPugs’ BaaS solution, you can focus on frontend processes like branding and customer service, while we will take care of your backend systems, licences and seamless operations.

If the BaaS solution is of your interest, do not hesitate to contact us.

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