PayPugs and Huntli Partner for Better Automated Risk Management System

Today, fintech company PayPugs announced that it has partnered with fraud and transaction monitoring company Huntli to enhance PayPugs AML screening process and fraud detection system. The collaboration improves customer fund security and helps to meet regulatory requirements.

PayPugs is a popular Banking-as-a-Service platform that allows users to obtain trustworthy banking, payment, card and other solutions for their global expansion. The company’s focus on personalized customer service and solutions has allowed for great relationships with clients while also delivering comprehensive and international solutions.

Huntli risk management systems is the latest development in the world of fraud prevention. Their high-tech approach has resulted in one of the most market competitive solutions. A risk management system that detects and blocks any fraudulent activity that a fraudster might attempt with the customer’s online banking account or payment card. Huntli system proactively monitors accounts and enhances bank’s fraud prevention and detection.

The operation transparency and alignment of targets regarding compliance procedure effectiveness resulted in synergy between both companies since day one. The partnership solves the problem of obtaining a trusted and high-tech fraud prevention system that doesn’t disturb customer experience or does not complicate team operations.

Allowing a completely remote, yet fully supported onboarding, PayPugs compliance team has been working closely with Huntli to implement necessary procedures. Right now the system has been already implemented and PayPugs fraud monitoring and prevention is automated and in real time.

“In a short amount of time, we needed to set up a system for transaction monitoring and AML screening. Members of the Huntli team assisted us every step of the way. Our issue was resolved in less than a month: they installed the system in three weeks and put it into service a week later. They set up the system and assisted with additional scenario settings. Also, they offered to tweak and build other situations for our company. At all phases of the project, all team members worked professionally, proposed new alternatives, and gave informative assistance. We also appreciated the systems and team flexibility in developing PayPugs custom processes.” comments Alexander Zelinsky, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at PayPugs.

We are glad to be working with PayPugs and committing together towards making financial technologies more accessible, transparent and compliant with existing regulation. We hope that our fraud-prevention tools will ease their day-to-day compliance expenses and focus on what is meaningful to their end-users.” comments Lev Bass, Co-Founder/CBDO at Huntli

Huntli is an all-in-one transaction monitoring tool that helps to fight financial fraud and keeps its users in check with day-to-day compliance. This one-fits-all system is very user-friendly and is easy to integrate with existing core-banking solutions. Our platform allows to highlight any user activity that is deemed too risky or might lead to money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, and other financial crimes. For more information, please visit

PayPugs is a licensed financial services provider with a global footprint. Different entities work in different regions for risk reduction and faster access to payment schemes. Supporting the most demanding business sectors, from forex and crypto to gaming and financial services, PayPugs focuses on providing banking, payment, and other infrastructures through a well-developed Banking-as-a-Service solution. PayPugs drives value for clients through personalized services, secure and frictionless payments, and innovative products. For more information, please visit

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