PayPugs and Sumsub Partner for Better Customer Onboarding and Smooth AML/KYC

Both PayPugs and Sumsub have signed a new partnership to create a better onboarding experience for users on the PayPugs platform. Sumsub is an AI-based ecosystem that allows online services around the world to meet regulatory requirements, prevent fraud and also enhance customer confidence.

PayPugs is a popular Banking-as-a-Service platform that allows users to obtain trustworthy banking and payment solutions for their global expansion.

Apart from having common values such as meeting the highest regulatory standards and having love for animals as company logos, the partnership aims at solving the problem of meeting the necessary regulatory requirements while not disturbing the customer experience. Furthermore, the need to keep customers safe and compliant in today’s digital world has never been more relevant.

Sumsub is a trusted provider of compliance as a service, with years of legal experience. Sumsub offers verification and compliance solutions that can be tailored to clients’ needs. With Sumsub solutions, PayPugs will be able to streamline processes for individuals and companies on an international level.

From the moment the documents were signed, PayPugs is working closely with Sumsub to integrate the necessary procedures and launch better and more effective onboarding procedures for customers. New and existing PayPugs clients can expect faster and better onboarding procedures in the near future.

“By integrating Sumsub, we’ll be able to reduce overall verification expenses while also improving our customer interactions. Ongoing compliance across multiple jurisdictions is vital for security. The time it takes to complete the onboarding process will be reduced, while security will be improved. This is a major step forward since it allows for more open and transparent contact with clients. Our compliance officers will be able to better organize their time with the Sumsub solution, discussing significant topics and reaching new heights in terms of corporate development.”  comments Alexander Zelinsky, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at PayPugs.

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