PayPugs Launches Virtual Debit Cards with Wallester partnership

PayPugs is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with Wallester to provide card issuing solutions to PayPugs clients. With transparency in mind, PayPugs and Wallester hope to bring significant value to both parties and develop a long-lasting relationship.

Wallester is a licensed white-label card issuer and payment service provider specializing in offering transaction processing services. Wallester is licensed by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority, and is an official Visa Principal Member. The company’s approach to focusing on white-label solutions allows it to provide best-in-class innovative solutions in an “all-in-one” model where you can access more than 30 different services: card issuing, personalization and management to 3D secure integration and fraud monitoring.

PayPugs is a family of companies registered across the globe, working together towards one common goal – to provide transparent, trustworthy and personalised financial services to those challenging the status quo. Whether you are a high-risk business looking for a reliable bank account or a low-risk business looking to make international payments, PayPugs’ bespoke personal approach and portfolio of financial services will enable you to do business in a transparent and trustworthy environment.

Wallester’s distinctive advantage is a unique API created by their in-house development team, which can be easily integrated with any platform and will allow you to launch your own card program with ease. 

From day one, PayPugs and Wallester partnership was bound to happen. Both companies focus on providing white-label solutions and ensuring clients a personal approach.

What will the partnership bring?

The partnership allows PayPugs to leverage the modern, reliable,  and convenient technology developed by Wallester to issue its own multifunctional virtual debit cards with exclusive design, adaptable to different business processes. The ready-made Wallester platform allows PayPugs to seamlessly take the lead in the market, saving time and money, and being one step closer to providing clients a one-stop solution for all. 

Fintech partnerships are crucial for the development of financial services and rapid market expansion. Partnering with Wallester is exciting and we believe our relationship will become stronger as both companies prosper. Our correlating values like security, bespoke solutions, and customer focused approaches will allow this partnership to move forward efficiently.

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