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PayPugs is the swiss army knife of online payment services with easy access to international payments, secure IBAN accounts, merchant accounts, ready-made payment services platform and whitelabeled solutions. Everything you need to manage your financial future — all in one place.

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Embedded Finance

Ready-made payment services platform for your global expansion.
With PayPugs you can scale your business and extend your customer offering with our API-led financial services. Swiftly launch accounts, cards and payments services to your end users.


An innovative and secure payment gateway.
PayPugs payment gateway allows you to manage and receive VISA and Mastercard electronic card transactions through one secure platform.

IBAN Account

When your business goes international, your payment services should too.
Open an account with PayPugs and receive a unique IBAN with your business name. Join hundreds of businesses who have changed the way they operate.

How to get started:

Payment services is just barking without a correct letter. A letter of application to PayPugs.

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