At PayPugs, aside from our global solutions, we like to offer value and opportunity to our customers.

You can become a PayPugs Introducer and earn from it! We pay timely commissions on all referrals — no hidden fees!

When you enrol as an Introducer, you can earn up to 20% in commissions from your referral’s initial onboarding fee and it’s paid into your PayPugs account where you can withdraw it at any time.

So, what happens if the person you referred also refers other people?

You receive a 5% commission when your referrals, also refer their friends. These commissions are paid automatically at no cost to you.

Here is an example:

Client (A), who was referred by Introducer (B) opens a bank account (2500 EUR) Introducer (B), who brought in client (A), receives 625 EUR (20% in commissions) Introducer (A), who was referred by Introducer (B), automatically receives 125 EUR (5%).

Are you ready to join our PayPugs network of Introducers?